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Friday, August 2, 2013

Never Satisfied, Are We?

Trust in the LORD, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land.  (Ps 37:3)

-Let us then consider, Glaucon, what will be their way of life, now that we have thus established them. Will they not produce corn, and wine, and clothes, and shoes, and build houses for themselves? And when they are housed, they will work, in summer stripped and barefoot, but in winter substantially clothed and shod. They will feed on barley-meal and flour of wheat, baking and kneading them, making noble cakes and loaves. For dessert we shall give them figs, with acorns and myrtle-berries to roast at fire. And they and their children shall feast, drinking the wine they have made and hymning the praises of the gods, in happy converse with one another. And they will take care that their families do not exceed their means, having an eye to adversity. With such a life, they may be expected to live in peace and health to a good old age, and bequeath a similar life to their children after them.
-Yes, Socrates, if you were providing for a city of pigs.
-But what would you have, Glaucon?
-Why, you should give them the ordinary conveniences of life, in the modern style.
-In my opinion the true and healthy condition of the State is the one I have just described. But if you wish to see a state at fever-heat, very well--we shall be more likely to see how injustice originates.  [Plato, The Republic, paraphrase of the B. Jowett translation]

The lowly shall inherit the earth, and shall delight in abundance of peace. (Ps 37:11)

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